IBA Certified Secure
Printing Press

NYSA is very peculiar about security, adequacy and confidentiality of data of their clients and maintains high end level of security while printing of confidential Question papers.

NYSA has empanelled with IBA / RBI Certified Security Printers of India engaged in Security Printing jobs and multicolor Offset printing. Needless to say, it incorporates various security & anti counterfeit measures namely.

Invisible ink

Bar Codes

Litho Codes

Serial Numbering

Anti- photocopying ink etc.

to avoid duplication and assure maximum safety

Secure Printing of Exam Material


Printing of Question Paper under Surveillance


Color Coding and Sealing of question papers


Packing of question papers for different centers


Packing of question papers for different centers


Dispatch of Sealed Boxes containing Question Papers and related items


Receive of the Packets by official in presence of district police


Dispatch of Answer sheets in sealed boxes to state centers