Over the last few years, technology has been permeating into examination process of essay type examinations.

The need to improve efficiency, accuracy, speed and security of examination is attracting more examination bodies to try out new methods with the use of technology. “Sequel,” or Secure Delivery of Digital Question Papers for Examinations bodies, is a project is a concept that has been doing rounds in the global examination context.

Question paper leakage is a biggest problem faced by universities. Thousands of students get disturbed in the due to postponement of examinations. Leakage of question papers is a serious matter and revelations that such malpractice happening since past several years is even shocking

Nysa have introduced “Digital Exam Paper Delivery System” to circulate critical exam paper to all branches/ examination centres in a timely & secured manner.

The system is designed in such a way that the question papers are generated couple of minutes before the start of actual exams, and dispatched electronically to the examination centres in digital encrypted format.

At the examination centres, there is three tier security mechanisms that helps in downloading, decrypting and printing of question papers using high speed printers.

The process is highly secure and fool-proof that eliminates any logistic loopholes in printing and transportation of hardcopy question papers to the examination centres.

Key Features

Comprehensive software

to maintain all subjects in a single central server

Stops Department from

printing question paper and its delivery

Centralized, Secured

delivery of Question papers

Ensure exam


Capability to handle

multiple remote locations

Reduce costs

and time-to-market

Authenticated admin controls

to create masters

Improve Department

and candidate satisfaction

Efficient encryption

of question paper before delivery


direct control of Examination

Decryption settings

at the remote locations

Provide a reliable

predictable Department experience