Our highly accurate and refined GPS tracking solution is designed to help you keep an eye on your manpower/vehicle’s movement. This system allows you keep track of all your assets/manpower anywhere and at any time. This will not only track your vehicle but also monitor start/stop, speed, direction, travelling time, expected arrival time etc.

  • Our tracking solution works on GNSS & GPRS network, which gives latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, orientation more precisely than ever. Moreover, it simplifies the hassle of accessing the application time and again as it provides alerts and notifications for all your assets without even opening the application.
  • Our GPS tracking device is supported by agile App which can be accessed on any tracking device be it smart phones, laptops or computers.



Ultimate Real Time or Live Tracking


Online Tracking and Message Based Location Query


Fast GPS Tracking Record @5 Seconds Per Transaction


Unlimited Data Records Storage Capability


Unlimited Data Records Storage Capability


Anti-Theft Function/ Remote Immobilization of the vehicle through GPRS/SM


Fuel Sensor implementation with more than 95% accuracy


Upto 20
hours backup

Application Areas

Institute(Schools, Colleges, Universities etc.)

Hospital Vans and Ambulance

Personal Vehicle or Transport

PDS(Public Distribution System)

Mining Industry

Call Centers/ BPO’s

Transport and Logistics

State Transport Buses


Cash Delivery Vans

Oil Tankers and many more.

Aditi tracking offers you simple and smart tracking solutions for daily living