The Objective of this system is to redesign the book distribution process using ICT and adding another distribution channel to its delivery model.

The Purpose is to integrate the Board, publishers, and schools through a Single E-Distribution System. The need of such system arises because of several loopholes in the current prevalent system like wherein the entire process from getting the books approved from Board to delivering them at schools is being done in offline mode.

How will E-Book Distribution Module Work?

Without making any changes in the objectives of the current structure, this will be an online platform for automated and efficient distribution

The main features of the product are:

E-Store set-up

Plan My School will set up an e-store for the state government, publishers and Schools to upload books, requirements, generate print order and fund allocation.

Book list Finalization

The Board officials can finalize books lists via online platform in a similar manner to the As-Is Process. The approved lists can also be circulated to all the schools and publisher via the portal.

Order Online

Schools can order their package online and choose from a variety of payment options available at the Plan My School Portal.

Packing and Delivery

The books packages would be arranged by Plan My School according to the requirements of individual schools and then delivered to the schools.

Publisher uploads their booklist and samples

The Schools circulate the books to the students or the

School wise packages are created and dispatched to schools


The complete Lifecycle

Board shortlists the books and share with schools/ publishers & allocate funds

Publishers receive the print orders as per schools requirements

The Schools order online providing the requirement details

Benefits to Stakeholders

The E- Book Distribution System will ensure that each and every school gets the books on time and focus on Education of Students, to ensure growth and future development. The benefits are:

Board can introduce an up to date ICT technology driven delivery process at no extra costs

Active tracking of all orders and refund with real time updates

Easy Reporting and Tracking to ensure the distribution; 24x7 accessibility.

Enhanced transparency to ensure a uniform pricing is followed by the publishers at click of a button